Review! Fit Living FL Protein Bars

I tried out new protein bars from a Florida-based company appropriately named Fit Living (get it, FL?), and boy was I impressed!

I tasted samples of three of their flavors, which are unlike any other protein bar flavors I’ve ever tried: White Chocolate & Blueberry, Cranberry & Lemon Zest, and Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip.

So let me lay it out for you —

 DOD fit living bars

– Pros –

  •  THE FLAVORS ARE ON POINT! It’s always a bummer when a protein bar is labeled peanut butter, or chocolate, or berry and it tastes NOTHING like that flavor. With these Fit Living bars, the name tells you exactly what you get and the combos are unbelievably unique and delicious as far as protein bars go. The blueberry adds sweet richness to the White Chocolate & Blueberry and the Cranberry & Lemon Zest has a great tang. And you can’t go wrong with the chocolate/peanut butter combo.
  • Minimal ingredients. There’s nothing in these bars you can’t pronounce or won’t recognize. They are all-natural and you can see almost every ingredient by just looking at the bar. Know what that means? CHUNKS GALORE: whole blueberries, whole chocolate chips, whole oats — it’s all there.
  • Not overly sweet.  The natural sweetness from honey and real fruit makes these bars just the right amount of sweet and allows all of the flavors to shine through. In summary, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!
  •  Not too calorically dense. Fit Living bars are around 165cal apiece and sport lower fat than most other bars out there, which is definitely a plus when fitting these into my personal macros. And they have 15g of protein per bar! Although this is less protein than some other products, for a bar that is all-natural, lower in fat, and still delicious without that cloying protein taste, 15g is pretty darn good.
  • These are some good-sized bars.  Refer to my previous comment about decent calories, but don’t think that reasonable calories means scrimping on size. These bars are definitely hearty and are pretty filling, all flavors included!

– Cons –

  • The carbs. This is not necessarily a con, but it’s just important to point out in my opinion that these bars are not a great way to go if you’re looking for a low net carb option. These bars average 4g of fiber out of 18g total grams of carbs. On top of that, since there are no artificial sweeteners, it is important to note that these bars contain a moderate amount of sugar (6g per bar), which isn’t terrible, but can be discouraging for those avoiding or monitoring sugar. But, this is the tradeoff for using natural sweetness over artificial — a worthwhile tradeoff in my book.
  • The portability. The only hang-up I have about these bars is that they need to be refrigerated. Don’t get me wrong, for the flavors they are able to achieve and the simple ingredients, I have no problem keeping these bad boys in the fridge. But, to me the point of a protein bar is to have a macro-friendly snack that you can take virtually anywhere. It’s definitely not fun to have a protein bar in your bag for lunch and take it out to find sticky mush.

Overall, a big thumbs-up to Fit Living for delivering uniquely delicious bars that are simple and rustic and pack a pretty powerful protein punch along with natural sources of good carbs and a balance of healthy fats. Favorite flavor? Definitely the White Chocolate & Blueberry.

But don’t leave it all up to me. Look them up. Check them out. And try some Fit Living bars! Yummy and clean — you can’t argue with that combo!

Visit Fit Living FL!


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